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Ross Edlin

Ross Edlin

As an avid traveller, Ross Edlin has been living in South East Asia for over four years. With his web development background, and his keen interest in sharing his experiences, Ross created Vietnam Ready with Nathan who he hosted on couchsurfing in Thailand. Ross enjoys reading about historical events in Asian culture, as well as photography.

Nathan Piccio

Nathan Piccio

As a happy resident of Vietnam for the last 3 years, Nathan recognizes the benefits and the challenges of living in another country. This background has inspired him to provide knowledge about his experiences. He feels passionate about sharing the culture, food, and traditions of the country, which he has expressed with the several websites he has worked with. Originally from the London in the UK, he has the experience of travelling to over 30 countries, and especially loves Asian culture.

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37 Pictures of the Drinks and Street Food in Vietnam that You Must Try

When it comes to places to eat and drink for cheap with an array of flavors that will blow you away, Vietnam is the country best suited for that adventure. All over this beautiful country, you will find many choices of delicious dishes and drinks, such as Pho Bo, iced or hot coffee, or fresh-made natural tropical fruit juices. Almost at every corner in any city in Vietnam, you can enjoy a great cup of coffee for $ 1.00 at local shops, but if you want, you can also enjoy those that will cost you up to $ 5.00 or more for a cup of worldwide known Vietnamese Arabica beans.

What are The Best Things to Do in Ho Chi Minh City? (Updated for 2020)

Ho Chi Minh has a near endless supply of things and fun activities to take part in - No matter who you are. Thrill-seekers, bookworms, and history-buffs are all taken care of in Saigon. In this list, we sift through each activity to bring you the best things to do and see in the city. We'll cover the following: cyclo tours, eat street Food, watch a water puppet show, Exploring book street and many more!

Banh Trang Nuong

Our pick of the 5 Best Saigon Foods to try

In Saigon but not sure which are the Best Saigon Foods? Our list is your ticket to a culinary journey through Vietnam's largest city. The foods here are a unique mix of exotic flavours that have attracted worldwide attention from renowned chefs like Anthony Bourdain. What makes the food here so special? Saigon has some of the widest range of Vietnamese flavours of any region. These are often the result of the different ingredients which have been provided by unique farmland in the south.

Landmark 81

Vietnamese Architecture in Saigon - Our pick of the Top 6 Beautiful Buildings

Vietnamese Architecture features characteristics influenced by its colonial past, as well as its desire for a brighter future. French colonial buildings sit next to modern skyscrapers. Walking around Saigon expresses a juxtaposition between the two sides of its history, with central districts providing the most diversity. Vietnamese Architecture in Saigon is therefore a broad and eclectic category of design.

Eating in Vietnam

Eating in Vietnam - The 7 Must-Try dishes!

Journeying through Vietnam’s local cuisine is no different from interacting with its rich history. Influenced by China, France and Cambodia; Vietnamese food treats people to fragrant flavors and soupy broths. Its unique taste has made it a popular option around the world, and, with this introduction, you’ll know why eating in Vietnam is becoming so popular.