Eating in Vietnam

Eating in Vietnam - The 7 Must-Try dishes!

Journeying through Vietnam’s local cuisine is no different from interacting with its rich history. Influenced by China, France and Cambodia; Vietnamese food treats people to fragrant flavors and soupy broths. Its unique taste has made it a popular option around the world, and, with this introduction, you’ll know why eating in Vietnam is becoming so popular.

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When you first arrive in Vietnam, you might struggle to know how to get around the city, communicate with the locals, or order food. Though Vietnam is missing western favourites such as Amazon and Uber, the country has a bevy of options to fill the gap. Their functionality goes beyond simply allowing for online shopping, but also include learning Vietnamese and getting the housework done

Coffee In Khom Cafe

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Drinking a cup of coffee in Vietnam is delicious no matter where you go. Sipping your Caphe Sua Da (Vietnamese coffee with milk) at the side of the road by a stall, or drinking in a premium café are both a recipe for a pleasant morning. However, some Saigon Cafes have something extra special.