How Vietnam has managed the Coronavirus

Vietnam has had one of the best responses to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Sharing a border with the most affected country of the outbreak has meant Vietnam has had to introduce strict measures as a precaution. How has Vietnam managed the coronavirus?

Vietnam's Disruptive Technology - Should you buy a Vsmart Phone?

Vietnam has taken a more hands-on role in the tech industry in the past few years. It’s slowly becoming one of the major suppliers for major tech companies around the world. Products, like Google’s Pixel phones, have shifted production away from China to be made in Vietnam - a small victory thanks to the ongoing trade war between America and China.

How to Get The Best Value Vietnam Mobile Number

Vietnam is full of overwhelming offers. The amazing food, the cheap experiences, the sights to see; your phone’s network provider is no exception. Which Vietnamese network should you choose? There are several networks in Vietnam, which are all unsurprisingly cheap. It’s easy to pay a tenth of the cost of what is expected in the US, but still, end your month with plenty of data to spare.

City Hall

A Day in Saigon

This travel itinerary is a rough guide of what a day in Saigon could look like. Optional detours and sights will be offered to suit your individual needs. So let’s begin!