Egg Coffee

Vietnamese Drinks - The 5 you must try

Vietnamese Drinks offer up a broad range of flavors, and are an important part of the country. They clearly demonstrate its cultural traditions and preferences for sweet and cool flavors. Despite not needing elaborate preparation, the drinks we mention below have great tastes and irresistible aromas.

Coffee In Khom Cafe

Check Out our List of The Most Beautiful Saigon Cafes

Drinking a cup of coffee in Vietnam is delicious no matter where you go. Sipping your Caphe Sua Da (Vietnamese coffee with milk) at the side of the road by a stall, or drinking in a premium café are both a recipe for a pleasant morning. However, some Saigon Cafes have something extra special.

Ben Thanh Market

Where to go Shopping in Ho Chi Minh

Two and a half years have allowed me to be get well-acquainted with shopping in Ho Chi Minh. This city has plenty to offer, whether you’re a fashion-lover or a bargain-hunter, or someone trying to find a place to buy a new laptop.